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Pest Control Services in Abilene, TX

Termite Control Services Sweetwater TX Do you have a mouse or rat problem? How about termites? Call upon the rodent control services experts at C C & Company Pest Control in Sweetwater TX and Abilene TX to rid your home of unwanted pests.

If you are unsure of what pest is infecting your home, we provide extensive inspection of your business to determine what kind of pests you have and how many. Our termite control services are guaranteed to rid your home of pests, and we will provide an accurate inspection before, during, and after our extermination.

The success of pest control relies on the extermination plan. In some cases, treatments need to be repeated several times before the infestation is completely eliminated. It's important to understand how the pests entered your home. The home owner or exterminator should find the entry point where the pest entered the home.

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Our rodent control and pest control services are not complete until we are certain the job is done. We’ll eliminate all pests and ensure that you do not encounter problems again down the road. C C & Company Pest Control outlines our plan and gives you the most cost-effective solutions to eliminating your pest problem.

C C & Company can provide seasonal termite control and pest control for your property. Seasonal changes bring about different pests. We know the best times to apply treatment and how to avoid infestations and unwanted guests. Every year it is important to have a follow-up exterminator lay down chemicals to prevent future outbreaks. When you hire our pest control services, we will go over this option with you. 

Termite Control Services

Discovering termites in your home can be devastating. Termites are destructive to properties all over Abilene, TX and Sweetwater, TX. They can cause serious problems if ignored. We can provide fast and effective termite control services.

If you think that termites are destroying your property, you need to call CC & Company Pest Control right away. We will begin immediate treatment and effectively perform our termite control services to rid the termites from the location. We utilize effective methods and chemicals while taking every precaution to not harm the environment or your property. The safety of you and your family always comes first.

Our termite control services do the job.

If you think there’s a chance that your property might be infested with termites, don’t put off addressing the problem. It is estimated that these pests do about $30 million damage in a year to crops and man-made structures in the United States. It’s best to know for sure and take advantage of our termite control services rather than risk damage to your most valuable investment.

Rodent Control Services

Rodent Control Services Abilene TX Rats, mice and other rodents can pose many problems for your home and even more for your business. If you’ve seen evidence of one mouse or rat, there’s a good chance there are more that you haven’t discovered. The experts at C C & Company Pest control have many solutions to eliminate rodents and provide valuable tips on keeping them away.

Our rodent control services and treatments vary based on the kind of pests and the size of the problem. We always communicate with our customers so you know exactly what we are doing and why we’re doing it. When store bought traps and chemicals aren’t getting the job done for you, rely on our friendly and knowledgeable pest control services. We don't use harmful traps to remove rodents or any other animals from your property. Our rodent control services are completely humane.

Professional and Affordable Pest Control

The problem with pest infestation is detection. Many times a homeowner or business owner will not know how severe the problem is. We have the technology and experience to survey your home or property to find all of your pests and eliminate them. Every associate at C & C Co. Pest Control understands how infestations work and how to remove them through pest control services.

Pest Control Services Abilene TX If you own pets that may be carriers of pests such as fleas or bed bugs, we know the warning signs and can fix the problem fast. All of our methods are safe for your family and property.

Whether you’ve recently performed construction or moved into a house with an unearthed pest problem, we can help you take back your home.  Let us eliminate your spider, rodent and pest problems for good.

C C & Company Pest Control is proud to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau for high-quality pest control services and an outstanding reputation for customer service.

Proudly serving Abilene, TX and Sweetwater, TX.

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C C & Company Pest Control provides expert termite, rodent and pest control in Abilene and Sweetwater, TX.  They have fast and effective solutions to eliminating termites, rodents, fleas, spiders, bed bugs, ants and pests of all kinds.

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